06/11/2013 02:49 GMT | Updated 06/11/2013 02:51 GMT

Luisa Zissman: 'I'm Not The Most Monogamous Person But I Have To Be Careful Who I Have Sex With'

As she prepares to launch her baking range this week, Luisa Zissman has been (over)sharing details about her sex life, admitting that she's having lots of it at the moment with 'discreet people'.

'The Apprentice' runner-up, 26, also admitted that she has to be careful who she jumps into bed with since finding fame on the BBC series earlier this year.

But despite having lots of fun, the mum-of-one says she's not looking for anything serious.

“Men annoy me and I don’t want to be responsible for someone else’s emotions."

Luisa is set to launch her Bakers Toolkit business this week, which she originally pitched to Lord Sugar on 'The Apprentice'.

Last week she tweeted: "Bakers Toolkit launches next week I sense a very stressful week coming my way...."

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