Max Mosley Sex Pictures Should Be Blocked By Google, French Judge Orders

Max Mosley Sex Pictures Banned From Google

Google has been ordered by a French court to block pictures of Max Mosley taking part in a sadomasochist orgy.

The former Formula One boss was the subject of a sting by the now-defunct News of the World in 2008, and took on the search engine giant in an attempt to remove the images from the internet.

Mosley won damages from the News of the World for its splash, headlined 'Formula One boss has sick Nazi orgy with five hookers', after the Nazi connotations were shown to be false.

He told the Leveson Inquiry in 2011 of his battle to get references to the story removed from the internet.

Google strongly resisted his demands.

After the French verdict, Daphne Keller, associate general counsel at Google, told Bloomberg: “This decision should worry those who champion the cause of freedom of expression on the Internet.”

Mosley has admitted the orgy took place, but said that publication of the story was an "outrageous" invasion of privacy.

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