Page Three: Our Female Readers Love It More Than Men, Says Sun Editor David Dinsmore

Page Three
Page Three

The Sun's female readers are more keen on Page Three than the men, the paper's editor has claimed.

David Dinsmore said readers had told him "loud and clear" not to axe the controversial feature despite a vocal campaign.

According to The Independent, Dinsmore told an audience at London Press Club: "Strangely and slightly counter-intuitively the women were more vociferous than the men."

"I make The Sun for its readers, not for the No More Page 3 people, or the Twitterati or Guardian readers," he said.

However, according to The Guardian, in another remark Dinsmore hinted at a change.

"It is not set in stone that there must be a pair of breasts every day on Page 3," he said.

In recent weeks, there have been clashes on student campuses amid attempts to ban The Sun from sale as a result of its refusal to budge on the controversial issue.