Father, Romano Dias, Dies After Drinking Crystal Meth Hidden In Sports Drink

A man died after accidentally drinking £34,000 worth of crystal meth hidden in a sports drink.

Romano Dias, 55, was given the bottle by his daughter, Katee, after it was wrongly delivered to her house in Cambridgeshire in what police believe was a mistake by drug dealers.

An inquest into the death heard how Mr Dias took a mouthful of the drink to test it.

Meth is usually found in solid form and is smoked, snorted or injected

He immediately complained to his partner, Debra Dulson, that it tasted awful and his throat was burning.

He died shortly after.

The bottle was in a package left outside Katee's with the correct address but wrong name on it around three years previously.

She had taken it in thinking someone would collect it but no one did.

Detective Inspector Ian Simmons stressed the family were in no way connected to drug trade.

He said: "I would say it is highly likely it was destined for a dealer.

"This was a completely unaccountable and unforeseen chain of events."

"The £34,000 is a significant amount. It is unique, this is not an event that happens in Cambridgeshire or elsewhere"

A coroner recorded a verdict of accidental death as those responsible for preparing the drink had no intention of killing Mr Dias.