Edwin Charles Tobergta Had Sex With Inflatable Pumpkin (As Well As Numerous Lilos)

Man Had Sex With Inflatable Pumpkin

Remember the "loopy and lust-led li-lo lover" who was caught having sex with a pool inflatable (for the second time) back in June?

Well, turns out he's also a perverted and plant-pulling pumpkin pumper.

Edwin Tobergta

The incident happened back in 2002 when a Halloween display pricked his interest.

The rather disturbing detail emerged during his sentencing hearing last week for the aforementioned transgression with a lilo.

One of the more sinister aspects of this particular inflatable encounter was it was in full view of children.

It is not known if this was the case with the pumpkin.

Poor fella

Tobergta's grandmother, Linda, has said previously: "He has a lot of mental problems and he's always had a fascination for plastic

"That's just it. That's all of it. We never could get the proper care for Edwin. It's like nobody cares."

Tobergta pleaded guilty to public indecency at an earlier hearing.

He said: "I do want to apologize for my actions, I'm sorry,

"I'm ready to get my life together and quit all this nonsense."

He will be jailed for 11 months.

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