Deer With Arrow In Head Saved By Wildlife Officials (PICTURES) (VIDEO)

Yay! Wildlife Officials Have Safely Removed The Arrow From This Deer's Head

Great news to start off your Monday morning - wildlife officials have safely removed an arrow from the head of a wandering deer.

But he darted off before she could catch him, prompting a search by the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife.

This poor little guy sparked serious concern after he was spotted in a New Jersey garden

Now the deer is happily arrow free after officials spotted him on Saturday, tranquillised him and took out the blade, reports.

He was treated with antibiotics and the biologists who carried out the procedure say no major arteries or organs were damaged.

Darrah has since nicknamed the five-month-old deer Steve Martin, after the comedian's stand-up routine which saw him perform with an arrow-through-the-head prop.

The deer has been named Steve Martin as a homage to the comedian's standup with a similar prop

She said: "I can not say enough, give enough accolades to the guys at Fish and Wildlife.

"These guys were dedicated, determined and totally respective of me and my property... They were just terrific."

Just a day later Darrah updated her Facebook status to say she had seen Steve Martin again since he'd been treated and that he was eating and running around with a handful of other deer.

Steve Martin the deer

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