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Rob Ford Scandal: London Voters Say Politicians Fiddling Expenses Worse Than Smoking Crack

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TORONTO, ON - NOVEMBER 8: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford leaves his office for the day with his new driver, saying he has personal issues to deal with. November 8, 2013. (Colin McConnell/Toronto Star via Getty Images)


How To Tell If Your Mayor Is Smoking Crack

Londoners are more disgusted by politicians manipulating their expenses than if they were to smoke crack cocaine, a poll has shown.

As the leader of Canada's largest city faces pressure to resign over reported drug use, polling reveals that Londoners wouldn't actually be too fussed if the same thing happened over here.

The drawn-out Rob Ford crack-smoking saga climaxed last week after the Toronto Mayor admitted smoking the Class A drug during a “drunken stupor”.


But, as our own politicians have hit headlines for corruption ranging from trying to get taxpayers to fork out £1,645 for a duck house to, most recently, an MP claiming expenses to heat his stables – admitting to a bit of drug use apparently doesn't seem so bad.

YouGov research shows that Londoners are more likely to demand a resignation over corruption scandals that drug scandals.

Of the 1470 people asked in the poll, 85% would demand a politician resigned if they fiddled expenses, 83% thought dodging taxes was inadmissible and 81% thought it was unacceptable to receive cash gifts while in office.

This compares with 72% who thought smoking crack was unacceptable and a mere 64% who thought visiting a prostitute was a reason for resignation.


The results could go some way to explaining why Ford’s popularity has remarkably increased since the admission, while he has refused all calls for him to resign.

Hundreds of people lined up at Toronto City Hall on Tuesday to buy a limited-edition bobblehead doll of the embattled Mayor , which quickly sold out and began popping up on eBay for as much as 15 times its purchase price.

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