Saturn, Earth, Mars And Venus All Seen In Stunning Nasa Cassini Photograph (PICTURES)

Nasa loves us.

How else would you explain them continuously churning out images like this...

Click on the image for a hi-res annotated version

The stunning panoramic shot of Saturn is a mosaic of 141 wide-angle images taken in June when Nasa's Cassini spacecraft could take advantage of the planet backlit by the sun.

Not only can you see all but one of Saturn's rings, but if you look closely you can also spot Mars, Venus, and YOU!

Well, not quite but the Earth and our moon do appear as tiny specks.

What makes the picture even more special is that it was taken in natural light meaning this is what you would see if you just happened to find yourself 898 million miles away from Earth floating in space.

Previous images like this one rely on filters to bring out the detail.

Our favourite though still has to be this one, an incredible shot of Earth framed by Saturn's rings taken around the same time as the one above.

Cassini Pictures Of Saturn And Its Moons

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