Daily Express Weather Front Page Forgets Snow Happens Every Year

If you bought a copy of the Daily Express today you'd be forgiven if you followed up your 10p purchase by investing in a snowplough and skis, perhaps by bartering with the baby of a Roma migrant.

Because, ladies and gentlemen, it's going to snow this winter.

In fact winter will "roar in next week with much of the country on alert for freezing Arctic gales and heavy snow".

The annual average UK snowfall is 18 inches...

That's right folks, the UK's usually South Pacific-esque winter studded with balmy temperatures and the odd tropical storm is to be replaced with weather usually associated with erm... the UK.

Despite the notorious unreliability of long-term weather forecasts the Express felt confident enough about the forthcoming snowy doom to say: "This period of snow and cold is likely to result in an incomparable scenario to anything we have experienced."

Interestingly, the next sentence directly compared the wintery horror with a scenario that we recently experienced.

It said: "A situation similar to December 2010 is likely to develop – but on a more prolonged scale in terms of overall duration."

All in a fluster and only just managing to use a phone wearing mittens, the HuffPost UK rang the Met Office for their opinion.

A spokesperson said: "There it will be increasingly wintery over the north and north west including Scotland.

"There could be snow on Monday."

Asked if wintery conditions were unusual when coming into winter they said: "No".

What about the Express's assertion that "January is likely to bring the worst of the weather although Britain will shiver in below-average temperatures for the next three months"?

The Met Office said: "Its a bit early in the day to be predicting the winter's weather, the Met Office certainly wouldn't put out a forecast for that far ahead."

Oh well, at least they haven't tried to convince us a Typhoon will ruin Christmas...