Stirling University Hockey Team Filmed Chanting Sexist, 'Scary' Rants On Bus (VIDEO)

A group of male students left their fellow passengers scared and threatened after chanting offensive and sexist songs, including a joke about miscarriages, on a public bus.

The incident, which was captured on video and posted to YouTube, shows Stirling University's men's hockey club ridiculing one female who dared to stand up to the intimidating group.

The team were singing crude descriptions of women who had entered a "Chicago department store", including one verse which went:

"A lady came into the store one day asking for a lady train. A lady train she wanted.. A miscarriage she got."

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Other passengers on the bus can be seen looking visibly shocked, with one man putting his hands over his mouth in disbelief.

One female can be heard saying: "That is quite scary."

Another decides to address the group, shouting: "You know if they actually got some pussy they wouldn't have to sing about getting some pussy."

The male students laugh at her and then tell her to get off the bus.

The video was uploaded by “Camarua”, a final year student, who asked to remain anonymous but told Fresh Air News: "I felt threatened and saddened by such an aggressive attack on women. I could not believe some of the things they were chanting, they were so extremely vile, hateful and demeaning.”

The group are also filmed giving Nazi salutes after one member sung: "A lady came into the store one day, asking for a German method of coal extraction.. A German method of coal extraction she wanted.. Mein shaft she got."

Stirling University student Stuart Mowers tweeted his disgust:

I really hope the rest of the world doesn't judge all of this Stirling from this viideo. We're not all drooling neanderthals.

— Stuart Mower (@Scmower) November 12, 2013

Ironically the team were due to take part in a debate on lad culture at the university. Richard Raymond, vice president of education at the university's student union, can be see walking away from the chanting in the video. He said all university sports teams would be given anti-sexism training.

A spokesperson for the University of Stirling said: "The University of Stirling has been made aware of a video pertaining to feature its students and is now investigating this further. The University takes incidents of this nature very seriously and where appropriate disciplinary action will be taken."

A spokesperson for First Scotland East who operate the bus route said,

“We have been made aware of a video filmed on one of our buses in Stirling. We were extremely disappointed that a number of individuals participated in singing a highly offensive song.

“We do not tolerate such behaviour on our buses and are currently assisting the University of Stirling and its Student Union body with their investigations.”

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