'Much Loved': Lovely Photo Series Of Favourite Stuffed Toys (PICTURES)

PICTURES: Much Loved Toys - And Their Stories

Award-winning Dublin-based portrait photographer Mark Nixon created one of the internet's loveliest photo series - and now it's been turned into a book.

'Much Loved' is a collection of whimsical, wonderful portraits of teddy bears and other beloved stuffed toys - each with an accompanying biography.

“The well-worn toys show battle scars of being the prized possessions of children and cherished companions that have seen many a repair as different parts start wearing down,” says Nixon - and as this small selection (which includes his own toy panda) shows, he's not wrong:


'Much Loved' Photo Series

The book features 60 such adorable, bittersweet pictures and stories - and we defy you flick through its pages without relating to some of the tales and remembering you own favourite childhood toys.

You can buy the book on Amazon and see more of Nixon's fine work on his website.

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