20/11/2013 06:52 GMT | Updated 20/11/2013 06:57 GMT

'Masturbation' For Goodness Shakes Ad Banned After Complaint

This ad for protein shake brand For Goodness Shakes has been banned by the advertising watchdog, which deemed that its references to male masturbation could cause "serious or widespread offence".

The Advertising Standards Authority took the decision after receiving one complaint about the online advert, which depicted multiple shots of men shaking objects near their groins.

The ad finishes with a scene showing a man trying to clean what has landed on a woman's back, which ASA concluded would be understood by adult viewers as "indicating that the man had ejaculated onto the woman’s back.”

However, the watchdog concluded that the ad risked being "offensive" as it could be seen by a wider audience on the internet than just young men.


ASA's ruling read: “The video was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence amongst that audience [young males].

“However, we considered that many of the online channels hosting the video were likely to appeal to a wider audience who would find the references to public masturbation, and particularly to ejaculating on another person, offensive.”

In response, Alex Brooks, marketing director of For Goodness Shakes, said he was "surprised and disappointed" by ASA's decision.

"The Youtube video achieved just short of a million views, was reposted and even turned into an animation. The ASA ruling was initiated by one complaint only, and I'd suspect it was raised by a competitor."