Penis Shaped Merseyside Housing Estate On Google Earth (PICTURE)

Residents in Merseyside are said to be fretting about the value of their homes after it emerged their estate resembles a giant penis on Google Earth.

From above, the layout of George Road, Edward Road and Yeoman Cottages has been interpreted by some as looking not dissimilar to a man's genitalia.

In comments reported by the Telegraph, resident Carl Hodge said: "Since someone spotted this on Google Earth we have all become a laughing stock.

Big willy style: A trio of streets in Merseyside as seen on Google Earth

"You can't argue because it really does look just like a man's cock and balls."

He added: "I haven't heard of anyone moving out because of it but we are definitely worried it would put off potential buyers if we ever wanted to sell."

In a timely fashion, the image comes shortly after it was realised the stadium where Qatar will host the World Cup in 2022 resembles a vagina.

The Al-Wakra stadium in Qatar, where the 2022 World Cup will be held

A vertical slit and symmetrical wrinkles serve only to enhance the likeness of the Al-Wakrah building to the female genitalia.

Ah Google Earth, you old rogue.

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