27/11/2013 06:35 GMT

LOOK: Oxford Students Create Feminist Cocktails

A group of Oxford University students have taken some of the world's favourite cocktails, added a dash of feminism and a wedge of wit and created a delightfully witty menu, now doing the rounds on the web.

The cocktails feature in the Bodies Zine, a magazine put together by the student union's women's campaign, and include "Cosmopolitan is a shit magazine," "Consensual Sex On The Beach" and "Manhatin' (Just Kidding)".

We'll have a Bloody Mary Wollstonecraft on the rocks please.

feminist cocktails

The cocktails are a sure contender for our favourite feminist moment, only matched by Cambridge University students' "I need feminism because.." campaign earlier this year, which attracted worldwide attention.

Why Cambridge Needs Feminism

H/T to The Tab