29/11/2013 06:00 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

7 Weeks Pregnant: Mum's The Word!

I feel as if I have this massive secret and that people can tell just by looking at me – well maybe I do look a bit sly...

I've never been one for keeping things to myself – at times in my life I've made others uncomfortable with my willingness to over-share and at school there were even occasions when I was reprimanded for gossiping and spreading rumours (don't judge me – I went to a girls' school – it was kill or be killed!). So with news this HUGE it's difficult not to stop strangers in the street and tell random shop assistants, let alone my family, friends, acquaintances, people at work (including those I don't really like) and everyone on Facebook, especially people from my past who I've accepted as friends but haven't even exchanged a comment or email with since. (Note to self: maybe it's time to 'clean up' my Facebook friends list, hmm?)

The fact that I have managed to resist trumpeting the news like a big blabbermouth to all and sundry is probably partly down to my gross and overwhelming tiredness. I'm so exhausted I can barely lift my hands to type an email or send a text, let alone speak to someone for more than five minutes without falling asleep mid-sentence. According to my books and the interwebs, this is because my body is working overtime to grow and change the embryo from looking like a prawn, to a foetus resembling a baked bean. Apparently, there's also a hormone soup in my body, with the full complement of Hcg, progesterone, oestrogen and HPL (Human Placental Lactogen – the hormone that helps to make the milk glands in my boobs for later. No wonder they are so very sore!).

Anyway, P and I have talked it through and decided to tell our parents and siblings, as well as a few of our very closest friends who we see all the time. We have figured that if anything goes wrong at this early stage before the traditional 12 week stage (heaven forbid) then we would want our support network to know what had happened anyway. The challenge will be the next big social occasion where I'll be sucking down mineral water and shunning cigarettes – virtually unknown behaviour for me that will surely give the game away to those not already in the know!

Who did you decide to tell when you discovered you were pregnant?