Your Boss May Give Crap Christmas Presents But It Could Be A Lot Worse

hand holding very small...
hand holding very small...

If you were one of the lucky few whose boss gave them dog food, an out of date Easter egg or a Cup A Soup sachet for Christmas, you may be thinking: how could it possibly get worse?

Well, you could be one of the 42% who, a recent survey revealed, don't receive anything - not even a chocolate finger.

The survey of 7,000 Brits, by Argos for Business, found that if employers were feeling generous, the majority would prefer gift vouchers.

Sadly for some, 'rewards' have entailed a banana, vegetable peelers, a live turkey and a dance-off - as well as all of the above. One man was also surprised to receive a hairdressing voucher even though he’s bald.

For bosses reading this while taking a break in between wrapping up the cat food, what Brits really want - apart from vouchers - are food hampers or pamper days.

There's added motivation too - for those whose employers were generous, 37% said they felt more motivated about returning to work after the Christmas break.

Regions least likely to receive a gift from their employer:

  • 1. South East (20.5%)
  • 2. Midlands (16.7%)
  • 3. North West (14.3%)
  • 4. North East (11.4%)
  • 5. London (11.3%)
  • 6. Scotland (10%)
  • 7. South West (8.5%)
  • 8. Wales (3.9%)
  • 9. Northern Ireland (3.4%)