3D Camera Takes Photos In Total Darkness

Scientists at MIT have made a camera that can take 3D pictures - in practically total darkness.

The incredibly sensitive device captures images using individual photons.

Not exactly hi-res but still...

An object is scanned using low-intensity pulses of visible laser light using a system similar to the Lidar device used for Google Streetview.

Ahmed Kirmani, who worked on the project, told the BBC: "We borrowed the principles form this, the detectors can identify single photons but they still need hundreds of thousands to form images.

"But we took the system to its limit."

Normally the system would detect numerous photons when scanning an image but the new technique only requires one before moving on to the next art of the object.

What the camera can't do is record colour so pictures are monochromatic.

The researchers say the technology could be used for military purposes and was funded by those folks at DARPA.