Russian Man 'Killed Wife And Ate Her After Eating Human Flesh Working At The Morgue'

volgograd october 23 a police ...
volgograd october 23 a police ...

A former morgue employee in Siberia has reportedly killed his girlfriend and eaten parts of her corpse.

The former mortuary worker was sentenced to nine years in a penal colony Monday, a Russian media outlet reported.

Horrifyingly,the man reportedly told police he had gotten used to eating human flesh when he worked at the morgue according to the Mirror Newspaper.

A court in Russia's northern Yamalo-Nenets Region found the man guilty of murder after psychologists declared him sane, reported, citing local investigators.

The alleged cannibal confessed to police in May, according to local media reports, saying he had stabbed his common-law wife twice in the neck during an argument while walking through the forest in April 2011.

He admitted to hiding her body in the woods outside the town of Aksarka, reports said, and returning several times to eat parts of the corpse.

Local information said that the man later recanted his confession, telling the court that his girlfriend had died - but not at his hand - and that he had only hidden her body from fear of punishment.

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