Underwear For Smartphones Now Available In Japan (VIDEO)

PICS: You Can Buy Underwear For Your Phone In Japan

You can buy underwear for your smartphone in Japan.

For just 200 yen you can buy an underwear-shaped rubber band ('Smartpants') designed to fit over the bottom of your device. And yes, they're sold from vending machines.

The strange idea was picked up recently by the blog Japan Smart Culture.

Many designs are available, including 'male' versions (complete with a bulge placed over your iPhone's home button) and 'female' versions.

The idea was the work of Hisashi Moriuchi from Bandai, who said he "thought it would be funny".

"The purpose of the smart pants is partly to protect the home button of your smart phone from being accidentally pushed. People wear pants to protect their sexual organs, their most sensitive spot. Well, on the Android phones, that's the home button and the same with the iPhone. It just feels right to cover it up nicely"

And yes, they're coming to the UK soon, Bandai said. Get ready - the world's about to get just a little bit stranger.

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