Red Lion Pub In Wadhurst Apologises For 100% Helicopter Proof Sign Mocking Glasgow Tragedy

The landlord of a pub that put up a sign mocking the recent Glasgow helicopter tragedy has apologised following cries of outrage.

The "deplorable" sign was put up outside the Red Lion in Sparrows Green, Wadhurst this week.

The sign, promoting a jam night at the small village pub, read: "This Week Now 100 per cent Helicopter Proof".

Many people reacted angrily to the tasteless joke:

On the pub's website, landlord Mark Palmer said action has been taken against the member of staff who put up the joke.

"As you may be aware, a sign was posted outside the pub yesterday (9th December) which was in extremely poor taste," he wrote.

"On behalf of the whole team at the Red Lion, I would like to apologise again for the offence caused. I know it doesn't make amends, but we have also made a donation and apology to the fund set up to help those affected by this horrific tragedy."

A local resident, who has lived in the village of Sparrows Green for 40 years said they "didn’t think it was very nice at all."

"They usually use that sign to advertise their bands that they have one, but to put that certainly is very tasteless indeed," they told the Daily Mail.

"In fact, it’s unacceptable to make a mockery of something so tragic.

"You wouldn’t make up a joke about Nelson Mandela’s death, so you definitely shouldn’t be making up jokes about a tragedy which claimed so many lives."

Another angry resident said "people should never make jokes about tragedies."

"I couldn’t believe it, it’s so shocking."

"They’ve been trying to improve the image of that pub for the last few years, but they’ve gone right back down in my estimation now."