Imgur 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Resurrects A Dead Genre, With GIFs


Remember 'Choose Your Own Adventure' books?

That amazing series of children's interactive novels were way ahead of their time, allowing you to rifle through the pages of a book to make your own way through the story.

Launched in 1976, they had a good run (to the tune of 250 million sales) before falling out of fashion - perhaps thanks to the internet, video games and our decreasing attention spans.

But now they're back - in a sense. And we don't mean the sadly unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign by the original creators.

Instead, the concept has returned on the image sharing website Imgur, as nothing more than a series of linked images telling a sordid and violent tale about a man trying to get home from the pub.

The images link to each other and gradually lead to an inevitably grim conclusion - though one which, yes, you choose yourself.

"You are facing south and want to get home safely," it says. Then it's up to you: turn to face north, or just walk forward