Kelly Brook's Couch Selfie (Yep, We Really Don't Look Like This When Slobbing Out)


Kelly Brook is no stranger to the odd Instagram selfie. Especially a casual "look at me in my undies" pic.

Her latest snaps shows her lounging about in her delicates on the sofa, and it's fair to say we DEFINITELY don't look like this when we're slobbing out.

While we won't be able to grow a bust like Kel's overnight, there are a few things we can lean from this snap to help us mere mortals perfect the, er, perfect selfie.

1. Get a blow dry

Before getting snap happy, make sure to get a super-expensive blow dry by a celebrity hairdresser.

2. Hire a makeup artist

Screw painting your own face, you'll probably muck it up, so pay a makeup artist to the stars to sort your mug out for you.

3. Do the sparrow face

Uh, hello! Didn't you know duck pouts are a thing of the past? It's all about the sparrow face now. See above for a great example. Purse those lips!

4. Study the examples below...

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