NASA 'Morpheus' Lander Shows What Cargo Deliveries Might Look Like On The Moon

Nasa's ability to land spacecraft on other worlds in incredibly cool and complex ways is undoubted. But it's not that often that we get to see what those landings look like here on Earth.

Luckily for us, the US space agency just tested its new Morpheus lander, which is designed to deliver cargo to asteroids, the Moon and other planets.

The Morpheus system uses an automated landing system which can detect and avoid hazards on the fly. It also runs on liquid oxygen and methane, and can hover in mid-air.

The test was conducted at NASA Kennedy Space Center's Shuttle Landing Facility. The lander launched from the ground, ascended about 50 feet and then flew forward to a landing pad about 23 feet away, where it landed safely.

Check out a video above.