Spotify Launches Free Service On Mobile Devices

Spotify has expanded its free music service to mobile devices for the first time.

Previously it was only the desktop version of the streaming music site that was available to listen to for free, with adverts inserted between songs.

To listen on mobile or tablet, users had to pay for Spotify Premium, at £10 a month.

But now Spotify says its tablet and mobile users will be able to use elements of its service for no added cost.

Tablet users will be able to use the same service as on PC - CEO Daniel Ek said that in the face of declining PC sales, it no made no sense to distinguish between the two.

On smartphones free users will be restricted to a "shuffle" radio service which can be restricted to certain artists, but can't be controlled on a track-by-track basis.

Meanwhile Spotify also announced that Led Zeppelin's catalogue would be made available on the site for the first time.

All you need now is a tablet to listen to it on. Oh wait, we can help you there:

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