How To Decorate Your Student House For Christmas.. On A Budget

Decorating Your Student House For Christmas On A Budget

As a uni student, money isn't exactly easy to come by, but that doesn't mean you can't spruce up your pad for Christmas.

However, with money tighter than ever this time of year (so many parties!) you may not have a lot of funds left to create the grotto you’d dreamed of. But never fear! We’ve teamed up with Urbanest and compiled a list of some handy tips and tricks to transform your student home into a winter wonderland. (Or near enough).

Great creative

Feel free to be as adventurous or as tame as you like, and remember all those art lessons that seem like they were millions of years ago. Sites like Pinterest offer loads of unique ideas that have already been tried and tested, giving you a more realistic idea of whether you’d be realistically able to pull it off or not.

Think outside the box to give your friends something to talk about. If like most students, you like the odd bit of bubbly now and again, why not wrap your bottles in wrapping paper or other festive items, so that when you and your friends get together, your drinks have an instant Christmassy feel.

Use stuff around your home

Your student home will be brimming with stuff you can use for your festive advantage. We hunted around to find some of the best suggestions. As you will all no doubt have a million and one books, why not make a Christmas tree out of books? This is not only a really easy and simple idea, but it also actually looks really great and unconventional, just like student life itself.

You’ll also most likely have loads of paper lying about, so why not channel your inner primary school teacher and make paper snowflakes like the good ol’ days? They look cute in windows or as part of a garland across the walls. And if you’re feeling extra imaginative, why not add a bit of sparkle in the form of glitter?

Hunt for bargains

You can pick up assorted decoration pack of 50 for as little as £5, which divided between all of you, is even better. Pound shops are a good bet, as it’s not all rubbish stuff like you may think. They actually can have some pretty decent stuff if you’ve got the patience to hunt around, and for £1 an item, it’s worth it.

And also, it’s worth remembering that no one will expect your home to resemble Lapland. Don’t be afraid to go for the supermarket value tree, with mismatched, donated decorations from all of your relatives. Just declare that you’re going for the ‘shabby chic’ look, which was definitely on purpose, anyway.

Get the whole house involved

Without sounding a little (well, a lot) cheesy, making it a flat activity will actually turn out to be a lot of fun. And it can also be a great way to get to know each other better, if you haven’t had much bonding time so far. Make or buy personalised decorations, such as photo baubles, stockings with your initials embroidered on them, and personalised garlands.

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