Ian Watkins Dressed As Santa And Kissing Children In Chilling 2006 Popworld Video With Alexa Chung

A chilling video of Ian Watkins kissing children dressed as Santa Claus has emerged.

As part of an episode of Channel 4's now defunct Popworld, the Lostprophets singer was allowed to make his Christmas dreams come true.

In the video, the frontman can be heard saying: "I love Christmas, it's the best time of the year – I'd love to have a job that involved Christmas."

The singer said all wanted was to "give something back."

Popworld made his dreams come true, giving him the opportunity to spread some "Lostprophets love to the people of Britain."

As he wraps up presents in Santa's Grotto, Watkins proceeds to eat some cat food in front of a horrified Alexa Chung.

He then gives out presents to elderly women and children, who can be seen sitting on his lap, before kissing a baby as a voice off camera tells him to "stop smelling" the infant.

When all the guests had left his grotto Watkins was asked what the highlight of his day had been, the singer simply replies "kids."

Another video interview with Lostprophets, filmed in 2010, has re-emerged showing Watkins hinting at his sexual perversions.

During a live-streamed online interview for MySpace, the band can be seen answering fans questions.

At the 6 minute mark, when asked by online user named "Babygirl" what the band's guilty pleasure is, Watkins sniggers and can be heard saying: "You just answered it."