'Made In Chelsea': Is Spencer Matthews Set To Quit?

Spencer Matthews has hinted that he may quit 'Made In Chelsea', after admitting he is "bored" by the E4 reality series.

The 'MIC' love rat has appeared on the show since the first episode, but told Heat magazine he sees it as a "temporary thing".

Spencer Matthews

"I'm pretty bored of the whole thing," he said. "I love it and I am happy for it but I want to kind of use it as a stepping stone now, and that's always been the deal. I've always said that it's a temporary thing.

"I'm delighted that it's doing so well but I don't quite have the enthusiasm for it that I used to. Which is why perhaps my character looks arrogant or a bit dark. It's probably because I don't really care."

Last night, Spencer was seen at the 'Anchorman 2' premiere with his pals as they dressed up as the film's characters.

Tweeting a picture of their antics, he wrote: "Epic time at the Anchorman 2 premiere with the boys.."

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