12/12/2013 16:07 GMT | Updated 12/12/2013 19:42 GMT

Martin Bashir Mocked By Donald Trump For Losing His Job (VIDEO)

Bashir resigned from MSNBC after some choice words about Sarah Palin

What a terrible week for Martin Bashir. The British now-former MSNBC host suffered not only the (perhaps deserved) discomfiture of losing his coveted afternoon slot on the left-leaning cable news channel, but his humiliation has been embossed by the most preposterous character in American political culture, Donald Trump.

For those not abreast of the daily vicissitudes of US cable news – essentially a proxy war between Republicans and Democrats played out by Fox and MSNBC – Bashir took to the airwaves earlier this month to condemn Sarah Palin (OK – Trump is the second most preposterous character in American political culture) for likening US indebtedness to China to slavery.

The supposedly far more erudite Bashir, a graduate of King’s College London, no less, responded by suggesting someone should take a sh*t in the mouth of the former vice-presidential nominee.

Bashir was whipped off air and, after a brief leave of absence, resigned, offering the bewigged Trump an easy target for the following comic piece of schadenfreude, which he duly posted on Twitter.