18/12/2013 13:02 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Woman Miscarried 10 Babies In One Night

A woman in India has miscarried 10 babies in one night.

Anju Kushwaha, 28, from Madhya Pradesh province, suffered the miscarriage 12 weeks into her pregnancy.

She delivered nine babies late on Sunday night before she was driven 77 miles (125K) to the nearest hospital where she delivered the 10th foetus.

Doctors said her husband Sanjay was carrying the nine wrapped in a piece of cloth when they arrived.

Doctors say Mrs Kushwaha suffered from ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome - a complication from fertility treatment.

Senior gynaecologist Dr Sumitra Yadav said: "It seems that that there was no regular follow-up of her pregnancy after IVF. At least three offspring could have been saved by reducing the pregnancy."

The case marks the highest number of babies in a womb ever recorded in India, and the second highest in the world.

Octomum Nadya Suleman gave birth to eight healthy babies in 2009. British mother Mandy Allwood suffered the stillbirths of eight babies in 1996 at 24 weeks.