Gabriel Urena Holds 'I Beat Women' Sign After Victim Alisha Hessler Threatens To Press Charges (POLL)

That’s Gabriel Urena holding the sign. According to Alicia Hessler, Urena attacked her last Saturday night and she duly filed a police report against her alleged attacker.

However, the alleged victim did not think that a collar from the police would deter him from doing it again, so Hessler told Urena was told that she would not press charges if he held a sign in public for eight hours that said, “I beat women. Honk if I’m a scumbag”... which he did.

Urena with sign and dunce's cap

The pair met over the weekend in Florida and enjoyed an evening together with friends. Yet at the end of the evening Urena started groping Hessler in a car. When she told him to stop, he refused… then allegedly started punching her, leaving Hessler with a broken nose and concussion. She was later hospitalised for treatment.

After contacting the police, Hessler decided to contact her alleged attacker via Facebook, detailing her bargain – that he had to stand on a street corner for eight hours with a dunce’s cap and the sign.

He later posted the above picture on his Facebook page.