Five Vagina Stories That Got Women (And Men) Talking In 2013 #NSFW

Paul Viant via Getty Images

Despite the fact that 52% of the world's population own them and the majority of us (unless you were C-section) entered the world through one, people still have difficulty saying the word 'vagina'.

While many struggle to stifle a giggle or smirk at the word 'vagina' - note: we're going to keep saying the word until it is no longer taboo - the lack of discussion, acknowledgement or visibility of female genitals (unless in private or a porno) has created a larger problem where women lack body confidence and girls as young as 11 and 12 are getting Brazilian waxes.

Tired of this inequality - where men piss up brick walls with little to no shame, while we're stuck in the four hour queue for the ladies, forced to hide away in the cubicle of shame - we've decided to take a stand and report on all weird and wonderful vagina-related stories until we're blue in the face.

From vaginal knitting (yes, you'll have to see it to believe it) and merkins to vaginal tightening cream, here are five stories that got women and men talking in 2013...

Vagina Cakes

Vagina Stories Of 2013