02/01/2014 10:11 GMT | Updated 23/01/2014 10:52 GMT

Dead Goldfish Tops 10 Best Excuses For Doing Taxes Late

moodboard via Getty Images

Brits may find doing their taxes deathly boring, but they have much more fun inventing excuses for why their tax return is late.

HMRC's director general of personal tax, Ruth Owen, said: "There will always be unforeseen events that mean a taxpayer could not file their tax return on time. However, your pet goldfish passing away isn't one of them.

"If you haven't yet sent your 2012/13 tax return to HMRC, you need to do it online and pay the tax you owe by the end of January."

Here, as compiled by HMRC, are the oddest and most extraordinary excuses for not filling out your tax return.

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