Parody Magazine Cover Reminds Us How Predictable Women's Media Can Be

If traditional women's magazines are to be believed, us gals have very few things on our mind besides sex, men and our appearance. *Yawns*

But fear not ladies, the backlash is here.

One parody mockup of the 'average women's magazine cover' has hit the nail on the airhead, by exposing women's media for how painfully predictable it can really be.

The Shame & Guilt Issue of fictional Overanalyzing magazine includes are range of features including 'Lose 30lbs Fast, Chop Off Your Leg!', 'Sex, You're Doing It All Wrong Dammit!" and 'I Had To Pay For My Own Drink: One Woman's Horror'.

Created by writer and illustrator Brendan McGinley in 2010, the cover resurfaced earlier this week when tweeted by TechnicallyRon on 30 December. (Just in time to counter the exhausting New Year, New You tripe.)

What do you think of the magazine? Let us know in the comments below.

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