LOOK: How Body Temperature Changes When You're In Love Or Depressed

Whether a warm, fuzzy feeling associated with falling in love or a cold, emptiness when depressed, it's hard to conceal your deepest emotions when your body expresses them so readily.

And, as a recent study has revealed, these physical reactions are consistent across the world.

Analysing more than 700 participants, researchers mapped the physical sensations in relation to specific emotions.

Scientists worked to induce a range of emotions by exposing participants to a variety of videos, facial expressions and stories.

Then, using pictures of human bodies, people were asked to map out areas that felt different after viewing each piece of material.

Bodily Maps Of Emotion

Yellow or red colours indicate the areas that felt the most stimulated, whereas blue colours highlight areas that felt deactivated. Yellow and dark blue represent the most extreme of the spectrum.

As a result researchers have data which shows both positive and negative bodily responses to different emotions.

Feelings of love and emotion were found to be at different ends of the spectrum - with the former creating a warming sensation throughout the body and the latter leaving participants feeling cold.