Plane Crash Selfie: Survivor Records Disaster With GoPro Camera (VIDEO)

A man who suffered a terrifying ordeal after his plane ditched in the Pacific Ocean took a selfie moments later as he waited for rescue.

Ferdinand Puentes told KOHL news that he was on board the Makani Kai Air Cessna plane with eight others, including the pilot, last month when "sirens and bells" started to sound and the plane started to dive.

"Everyone knew what was going on," he said, of the crash in which one person died.

Above: Puentes took this picture just before he was rescued

But even as the terror of the crash started to overwhelm him (""It just bit into me like am I dreaming") he managed to switch on his GoPro camera and capture the whole ordeal as it happened.

"Steel-toed boots, heavy work jeans, and long sleeve shirt. It was hard and exhausting to swim with all that," Puentes said.

Fortunately he managed to escape the fuselage as it filled with water, and made it out of the ocean alive thanks to the fast work of the US Coast Guard.