Would You Pay £11,750 For This Painting Of Diane Abbott? Because You Already Have (PICTURES)

House of Commons

Portraits of politicians including Iain Duncan Smith, Diane Abbott and Ken Clarke have cost the taxpayer £250,000, it has been revealed.

The cost of the paintings, which are hung on he Houses of Parliament, came to light following a Freedom of Information request by the Evening Standard.

The newspaper reports that the portrait of Abbott cost £11,750, one of Duncan Smith cost £10,000 and one of Clarke cost. £8,000

Other veteran politicians who have had portraits painted include Tony Blair, Charles Kennedy, Tony Benn and Lord Ashdown.

A a £6,000 bronze bust was created to honour former prime minister Sir John Major and a full-sized statue of Margaret Thatcher was commissioned at a cost of £11,750.

Some of the paintings that you have already paid for can be seen below.

Tony Blair

Portraits Of MPs