McLaren 12C Police Supercar Looks Cool But Is Actually Fairly Useless

Check out the latest weapon in the fight against criminal motorists...

Only it's not quite what it seems.

The McLaren 12C - capable of 207 mph - was unveiled at a Birmingham car show with police hoping it will get people talking to them.

PC Angus Nairn, from the TV show 'Motorway Cops', said: "Everyone who sees the McLaren wants to come and talk about it.

"The car breaks the ice and gives us the opportunity to get across the safety message – especially about the dangers of excess speed."

Before anyone complains about the cost to the taxpayer, the car is on loan from a dealership and won't actually make it onto the roads.

Nairn said: "There’s not a great deal of luggage space and it has gull-wing doors that open outwards and upwards so you have to leave plenty of space when you park."

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