'Selfies' Against The Northern Lights & The Frozen Canadian Wilderness Will Put Yours To Shame (PICTURES)

Cast against the backdrop of the Northern Lights, mountain ranges and frozen tundra, these 'selfies' are in a class of their own.

Snapper Paul Zizka began experimenting with night photography just two years ago and these are the impressive results.

Ensuring he appeared in every shot, the 34-year-old set about chronicling his explorations of the Banff National Park and Kootenay National Park, both in Canada.

Scroll down for a gallery of probably the best selfies on earth

Paul Zizka lies spreadeagled on a road beneath the stars and the Northern Lights

Typically working alone, the Alberta native said: "I find that a photograph can sometimes convey so much more, or at least a very different feel if a person is included in the scene.

"I like the relationship between man and mountain that it instantly creates.

“So I think including myself in the images helps people relate to a photograph, even though some have never been anywhere near the location being photographed."

Paul Zizka Wilderness Selfies