AWWA Sky Whale Plane Could Be The Future Of Air Travel (And It's Utterly Massive)

Meet The (MASSIVE) Future Of Air Travel

Meet the AWWA Sky Whale, a concept design for a three storey, 755-seater plane with a wingspan of 88m (an Airbus is 80m).

The behemoth is also suitably futuristic - 'self-healing wings, virtual-reality windows and even a passenger section that would detach in the event of a crash to minimise loss of life.

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Sky Whale

Designer of the Sky Whale, Oscar Vinals, said: "The disposition of the wings and its architecture separates from the airplane’s fuselage like a security measure, that in a hypothetical fatal case of an emergency landing, these could auto-break up to reduce the damages on the passengers section."

It's hybrid jets can even tilt like a Harrier jump jet so it can take off on short runways.

The plane's design, lightweight materials and economic propulsion should all contribute to reduced both air and noise pollution.

The design also features solar panels in the roof to charge onboard electronics.

Three classes of passenger would be spread over the three decks. On the upper level with "sky views and all conceivable luxuries for a trip" is first class.

Business class is in the middle with "sky views and ample seats", while the peasants are at the bottom "with all the comfort and space to have a pleasant flight".

It's still a concept, but the bold design is economically viable for airlines due to the huge passenger capacity.

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