18/01/2014 12:34 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

Mystery Moon Object Spotted On Google Moon Has Everyone Baffled

UPDATE: Digital imaging expert, Ross Davidson, thinks he has the answer (see below).

In amongst the random, crater strewn landscape of the Moon, it certainly stands out.

Something that appears to be a triangular object with seven dots perfectly aligned in a triangle has been spotted on Google Moon.


But what is it? It's roughly 125 by 90 metres in size.

The person that spotted it, YouTube user WowForReeel, asks: "Is is just a weird looking crater? or is it something else?

"It is really there, not faked and I have no clue what it is. I found nothing else like it in any of the other craters."

The website Tech and Gadget News describes it as much to regular to be a normal crater.

They said: "[It} is too symmetrical to be a random, topographical structure caused by even the minimal erosion typical of the lunar landscape.

"The gigantic shape actually looks like the leading edge of an immense, triangular space ship, similar to, so far, super secret Stealth aircraft technology, but is much larger than any airplane ever built on Earth."

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Ross Davidson, development team leader at OrangeBus, thinks there might be a slightly more mundane explanation.

He told the Huffington Post UK: "Basically it's similar to the thing you get in all those 'UFO videos' you see these days from people with digital cameras - when they use digital zoom too much, you get 'artifacts' as the missing data is recreated using an algorithm which create regular shapes simply because of the nature of digital.

"As such a simple point of light becomes something like this.

"If he rotated the camera the shape would rotate with it...

"You can get similar things with still photos when you blow them up - the moon pic shows a 'triangle' because it's digital - made up of pixels.

"If you look at the dark lines in the pic they all align in the same way - it's just a shadow which pretty much aligns with the pixels and when compressed/zoomed looks perfectly triangular."


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