19/01/2014 06:38 GMT | Updated 25/01/2014 16:01 GMT

'The Bridge' Series 2 Episodes 5 and 6 Review

Is there nothing Saga can't do? This week found her variously solving the mystery of Martin's sick son, and single-handedly taking on a band of armed intruders in her hotel room.

That whole business with Martin's nefarious nanny was peculiar, as Saga alone spotted the signs of Munchausens By Proxy, and a screaming Anna-Dea was promptly arrested. It seemed to fit nowhere with the rest of the story, instead serving as a door ajar into Saga's mysterious family past. But Martin's sniffing around now, so we'll know more when he does.

There was some bad luck this week. Poor Beate paid a high price for her devotion to student Laura and, in equally unfortunate timing, lovely Caroline lost her Lothario, Claudio, just when she'd decided to take advantage of his services - courtesy of a clock around the head from an unknown assailant. Told you to watch that husband of hers, although he seems too obvious, surely, to be our main perpetrator this early in the game.

With all this going on, Saga had short shrift for the bunch of try-hard copy cats bursting into her room, pistols at the ready. Who knew she was so tough physically as well as mentally? She's got it all, this tough-as-nails quirky heroine… oh, except an acute observation for social niceties. This lack of grace was on display at home, where she attempted to 'charm' her boyfriend's mother with disastrous, but once again, hilarious results. No wonder she, and everyone else, feels better off when she's tucked up at work with a job to do.

And she has, because there was still a single-minded killer on the loose, taking grim pleasure in coolly monitoring the length of time it takes his victims to die. The plot grew bigger in scope, as Saga and Martin realised they were dealing with a series of cells being managed independently of one another, many of whom seemed to meet their own grisly ends in ships all owned by one man. But then that's exactly what happened to the plot last time around, before it returned much closer to home, so I'm keeping an open mind. After all, as the Choir of Young Believers remind us every week with their haunting opening chords, "everything goes back to the beginning…"

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