Jon Snow: Saudi Arabia Is 'The Most Odious Regime In The World' And Men Are Sex-Obsessed

Jon Snow
Jon Snow
J6020C/EMPICS Entertainment

Jon Snow has laid into Saudi Arabia, describing it as "the most odious regime in the world".

The Channel 4 News anchor dismissed the nation as "people who came out of tents", but said Iran was "an incredible place".

In an outspoken interview with the Evening Standard, he also claimed men thought about sex with every woman they meet, saying it was a "natural animal element of sustaining life.”

Snow got onto the subject of the Saudis when describing his fondness for Iran, a country he described as "so different and so mellow", while conceded that former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was "an arsehole".

“And we have shut the door on a great, great power, and instead we’ve messed about with people who came out of tents 50 years ago in Saudi Arabia — the most odious regime in the world — and who are a real and general and persistent threat to us" he went on.

"Iran is not a threat and never will be. In these next few months Iran will flower and it will be sensational.”