27/01/2014 12:57 GMT | Updated 20/05/2015 06:12 BST

VIDEO: Mother's Instinct Saves Son As Car Ploughs Into Restaurant

Somehow mums just know what to do when their child's in danger. It's called mother's instinct for a reason.

And in the case of a mum in Orlando, Florida, it saved her son's life.

The woman was with her boy at the window of a fast food restaurant when she glanced outside.

Without thinking, she dragged her son away as a huge car ploughed into the restaurant.

The astonishing moment was captured on CCTV footage, showing the woman's instinctive reactions to save her eight-year-old's life.

As the vehicle crashed into the fast food diner, it pushed a shattered wall and bins in front of it – sending them hurtling into the female customer.

It's thought she was among five people hurt in the smash.

Driver Philip Brown, 26 – who police said had run a red light and smashed into another car before hitting the diner - has been charged with being drunk behind the wheel, causing bodily harm and driving with a suspended licence.

Sergeant Kim Montes said: "He should have never been behind the wheel because he was driving on a suspended licence.

"This driver ran the red light, impacted another vehicle, causing a crash, and then he went into the Popeye's restaurant and struck several people there including a child. This could have been much worse.

"We had a recipe for disaster here. And luckily it was not more serious than what could have happened. Obviously a lot of people's lives were put at risk because of the driving pattern of this man. We're thankful that nobody else was seriously injured."