'Celebrity Big Brother' 2014: The Most Scandalous Moments (PICTURES)

CBB's Most Scandalous Moments

It's fair to say this year's 'Celebrity Big Brother' has been the most sexualised, nay feral, series in the show's turbulent history.

Before the stars all go back to their normal lives, which in some cases (we're looking at you Luisa Zissman) probably won't actually include wearing many more clothes, we've pulled together their most scandalous moments in the house.

From Dappy sucking a rubber ducky, Lee Ryan's under-the-cover antics and a whole load of nakedness and PVC, here's a look back on 'CBB' 2014...

*WARNING: This may make you feel dirty*

Celebrity Big Brother

CBB 2014: Scandalous Pics

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