IPhone Hidden Features: Your IPhone Has A Secret Button You Didn't Know About

The iPhone is one of the most popular and best-known gadgets in the world.

It's pretty odd then that no one seems to know how to use it.

Recently a study showed that for showed that 68% of people had no idea you can use the volume up button as a camera shutter, for instance.

Here are our 7 favourite 'hidden' features in iOS 7.

  1. If you want to delete text you've already written, shake your phone. It will delete the text.
  2. You can use the volume up button as a camera shutter.
  3. Your iPhone has a spirit level hidden in the Compass app.
  4. If Siri doesn't pronounce your name properly, or other words, you can teach her to do better.
  5. You can ask Siri to search for different topics on Twitter.
  6. You can block calls from certain, or all unknown numbers.
  7. Your iPhone will send you a 'happy birthday' message if you tell Siri your birthday.