'Slayin' Tips: How To Get Better At 'Slayin' Without Using Cheats

'Slayin' is the latest fun little game to take the paid App Store by storm, it's still apparent that most people aren't very good at it.

The game itself is simple. Just pick from the wizard, knight and knave, then kill as many monsters as possible without dying. Because once you're dead, that's it - game over.

Fortunately, while over on the 'Free' iTunes charts the game at the top spot is almost impossible by design, it is actually possible to get better at Slayin' without altering the fundamental properties of reality.

Here are our top 9 tips for getting better at Slayin', without using cheats.

1. Always buy armour. If you can afford it, armour is a must. It basically doubles your health and means you're much more likely to survive for at least a little bit longer.

2. Unlock the other characters as soon as possible. Using HP you can unlock Slayin's wider cast of characters - and almost immediately the game gets a lot easier and more fun. Make this your first task.

3. Use the Wizard's tornado wisely. For while it makes you invincible for a short time, it does tend to end just as another attack is incoming. Make sure you time your attacks and tornado to make the most of your chance.

4. Know how to kill the minotaur. When you meet the minotaur for the first time, you'll probably die. You don't have to. Just jump over him as he runs past, and then attack him when he's facing away from you. Repeat until he's dead and continue on your way.

5. Buy the Dragon Scale when you can. If you can afford 5,000 fame points, get the Dragon Scale as it will let you continue after you die.

6. Loot disappears quickly. Grab it before it does.

7. If things are too busy, pick one side of the screen to dominate and then work across from there.

8. If you rate Slayin on the app store, you'll get 500 fame points for free.

9. Let some loot go. If it means staying alive, let the gold go. There will be more.