16 Celebs That, Try As We Might, We Simply Find Hard To Love

Hard To Love Celebs
Hard To Love Celebs

There is a small group of celebs who will always have national treasure status, the sort who are simply above any form of negative criticism. You know, your Beckhams, your Kylies, your Lumleys.

So let us get the apologies out of the way now.

Look we're really, REALLY sorry but there is no easy way of saying this: there are some celebs out there who appear to be very lovely, perfectly harmless individuals but try as we might, we simply cannot find it in ourselves to actually like them.

Maybe it's because this very particular group of stars try a little too hard. Maybe it's because they're simply too smiley, too cool, too down with the plebs or all of the above.

We're looking at you Myleene Klass. And you Katherine Jenkins. And, sorry, but yes you too Christine Bleakley (and Adrian Chiles, come to think of it).

Yes, we know it's irrational (well, a bit) and we're sure it says a whole lot more about us than it does them, and we promise we really are decent people, cross our hearts and hope to die.

But it simply has to be said, some celebs are great, and others, well they just grate.

*We know you might love/be related to someone in the below list but these results are based on a detailed 2014 scientific study. Ok, that last bit's a lie but a lively debate did occur and a straw poll was conducted in the HuffPost office so we stand by the results. Feel free to agree/disagree in the comments below...

16 Celebs We Find It Hard To Love