'Forgotify' Is A Project To Play All 4 Million Unplayed Songs On Spotify


There are more then 20 million songs on Spotify - but not all songs are born equal.

In fact it was recently announced that more than four million songs on the service have never been played. Not even once. Not by the people who made the album. Not by their mums.

Until today these forgotten tracks seemed destined to linger unplayed in Spotify's digital vaults, taking up space for ever and ever until someone finally decides to free up some space and let them go.

Until today.Forgotify is a new project launched by Lane Jordan and J Hausmann, who with their friend Nate Gagnon have built a service specifically to play through the four million Spotify orphans in random order.

The project is a simple site which uses a database built with Spotify's API to pick random unplayed tracks and play them.

Once played, the songs will never again appear on the site's rotation, and will be left waiting either for fame or near-total obscurity.

The result is a catalogue of totally random, often awful and intentionally disconnected music, which is also for some reason quite unbearably sad and/or inspiring. Many of the bands are presumably long gone, atomised by history, and unaware of even this small moment of fleeting fame.

But then again, there's always the chance that something great will emerge amid the rubble. "If you stumble upon just one gem, I think it's worth it," Jordan told The Atlantic.

Give it a go here. Below are some of the tracks thrown up in our play-through.

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