#MonthOfKinship: HuffPost Editors Dedicate February To Their Loved Ones

#MonthOfKinship: HuffPost Editors Dedicate February To Their Loved Ones

From a young age we're taught - through anonymous Valentine's cards and love poems - that 14 February is an exclusive event reserved for those who are truly-madly-deeply in love.

But while romantic connections are great, we believe there are plenty of other relationships that deserve a mention this month.

Friends, family and loved ones are just as crucial in supporting us through the good and the bad times - whether to share a bottle of wine with or offer a shoulder to cry on.

We asked HuffPost UK editors to dedicate their Month Of Kinship to a loved one of their choice.

Tell us yours on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments below - and don't forget to use the #MonthOfKinship hashtag.

Liz Stansfield, deputy editor of Parentdish.co.uk

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... Lorna Killick, my best friend of six years

"Lorna is a very dear friend - not least because we have matching woodland animal hats from Dorothy Perkins (see piccie).

"No ask is too big for Lornakins – and she always has time for her friends. When I went travelling she trooped to my flat once a week for six weeks (despite living a long tube ride away) to flat sit, make sure we weren’t burgled and to leave treats for our return. She also has a new cat called Skittles who is providing endless hours of entertainment to a cat-lover who isn’t allowed to have one (me)."

Katie Jones, Deputy Editor, MyDaily.co.uk

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... Claire Jones, my sister

"My sister and I are close in age but very different - I think that's why we get on so well. Occasionally we'll disagree on something but we've never really fought.

"It's the kind of relationship where we know what each other is thinking, without having to say anything. She always gives me her honest opinion on anything I need help with and she's great at getting me to stop worrying over stupid things.

"It's like having a best friend who's always there, only better."

Brogan Driscoll, Assistant Editor HuffPost UK Lifestyle

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... Herbert Driscoll, my grandfather, who I've known for 25 years (since I was born)

"My granddad and I have been close since I was very young - over the years we've bonded over shared interests: history, books, visiting museums etc and talking a lot - we regularly chat for hours on end.

"He makes it no secret that I am his favourite grandchild, even though I am one of eleven. He keeps a note in his wallet that I asked my mum to write for me when I was 3, it says: 'You're my hero'.

"Is it possible to have a best friend who is 56 years your senior? If so, I've found mine."

Sarah Dean, Deputy Editor HuffPost Entertainment

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... Katherine Hayman, my best friend

"Katherine is one of my oldest and best friends. We met 14 years ago when we both started secondary school and were in the same form class. We went through the naughty teenage years together, as partners in crime, and as the years have gone by she's always been there to help me through heartbreaks and setbacks.

"We no longer live in the same place but she'll always make the effort to come and visit me in London and two years ago we went on the best adventure together, a road trip from New York to LA.

"I couldn't imagine a better person to have done this with. I know we will always be friends no matter where we live or what we're doing."

Poorna Bell, Editor HuffPostUK Lifestyle

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... Rob Bell, my husband, who I've known for five years

I was the reluctant blind date, we first met over sushi and dodgy drinks in Brixton, and I fell in love with him when he made me noodle soup when I was ill, and was prepared to leave it on my front doorstep because I didn't want him to see me looking like Linda Blair from The Exorcist.

"Five years on, he's still the first person I want to tell my good news to, the person who can lift even my blackest mood with his infinite calm and funny jokes, and I never get tired of his company.

"We're not a soppy couple, but just when I get so mad at him for never filling the dishwasher properly or leaving his socks lying around, he'll do something mind-bogglingly thoughtful, like make a bumper crop of cookies to donate to the homeless."

Daisy Sitch, Style Writer, MyDaily.co.uk

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... my mum, Jilly Sitch

"She knows me better than I know myself and I am, slowly-but-surely, turning into a spitting image of her.

"We are so similar on so many levels, completely in sync but not without our clash moments. Unfortunately she sees/gets the worst of me and my January blues have definitely been taken out on her.

"Last weekend was a classic mummy moment - she came to my aid with her wise, wonderful ways using the words of Carol Ann Duffy's Demeter to pick me up when I was feeling down."

Carla Buzasi, editor-in-chief of HuffPost UK

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... Alex Johnson, my brother-in-law who I've known for ten years

"I usually credit my sister if quizzed about who my best friend is, but my brother-in-law deserves a special mention, too - and not just by virtue of being married to her.

"As a general rule, I wait for momentous events in their lives - getting engaged, having a baby, for instance - and then practically move in with them two weeks later. Despite the regularity with which this happens (and the fact they don't actually have a spare bedroom), Alex hasn't yet complained.

"In the past year more than ever he's gone way beyond the call of duty and, in my book, you know you've got a friend for life when that person's fridge is permanently stocked with Carla life essentials - aka Diet Coke, wine, hummus and chocolate - despite the fact that technically I don't live there... this month at least."

Emily Verdouw, Blogs Editorial Assistant

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... My three best friends back in Australia - Amy, Jess and Tes.

"I've been friends with them all individually for between 12-7 years. They've been an immense support to me through moving countries, pursuing my dreams and ending a long term relationship.

"The three of us talk, literally, every single day (via a Facebook thread). It's corny and a cliche, but I don't know how I would have got on, without them.

"Amy gives me incredibly rational advice, Jess gets super excited about everything and Tes is riddled with hidden gems of wisdom."

Nicola Williamson, Communications Manager HuffPost UK

I dedicate the Month Of Kinship to... Emily Burgess, we have know each other for 7 years - we have worked together and lived together and she is one of my closest friends

"Emily has got the kindest heart out of anyone I know. Nothing is too small or great and she will always be there to support you. A true friend and fun person to go out with and always up for a laugh.

"We have never fought and sadly she has returned home to Austin after 5 years in England and I am missing her a lot!"

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