05/02/2014 05:40 GMT | Updated 05/02/2014 05:59 GMT

London Tube Strike: The Funniest Twitter Reactions


As Londoners struggled to get into work on Wednesday morning, the scenes across the capital were, of course, chaotic:

But the Tube strike was leading to some resourceful behaviour:

Not least by the unions:

In fact, some people resorted to quite drastic measures:

(Not really. As Matt Brawn was forced to point out, he was making a joke.)

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Here were some of our favourite funny #tubestrike tweets this morning:

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While special mention goes to @Biltawulf - whose timeline was a thing of joy. Here were just a few highlights from his bus journey into work:

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Of course, the Tube strike didn't stop most people getting into work. And it didn't stop some of London's finest cultural institutions indulging in some extremely tenuous self-promotion:

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But today's winner? Apart from the Blitz spirit of Londoners? Probably @SuntaTempleton, who tweeted: "Usually I get the bus to work but they're all so busy cos of the #tubestrike so I got the tube…"

Bravo, London. Let's do it all again tonight, shall we?